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Rubli's Lease Software Origins

Our team has been building financial models and SaaS platforms for more than 10 years. When the new leasing standards were introduced, we received an influx of requests for a purpose-built lease accounting solution that is practical, cost-effective and easy to use.

Our clients will attest that Rubli’s product addresses all of the shortcomings of manual spreadsheets and expensive tools and we have transitioned numerous teams to our platform. Today we are a leading lease accounting software provider and committed to providing companies with the most effective solution that goes beyond the demands of lease accounting standards.

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About Rubli

What is Rubli's Lease Software
all about?

The Solution

Rubli’s online lease tool helps finance managers and accountants to easily manage the requirements of ASC 842 and IFRS 16 by providing them with a solution to store, manage, report-on and account-for their leasing activities

Rubli’s cloud-based, online software overcomes the shortcoming of managing information on spreadsheets and provides the flexibility and control to handle multiple leases, payments and amortisation schedules in line with complex accounting standards. This includes the ability to incorporate and administer inputs, lease estimates, lease payments schedules, as well as contractual modifications and remeasurements.

In addition, Rubli’s intuitive and robust import templates make it simple to load all of your lease information in bulk onto the platform.

Reporting Flexibility

Rubli gives accounting teams the flexibility to create, aggregate, group, and download lease information as needed for financial reporting purposes. It makes journals calculations, budget reporting, and disclosures simple, so that companies can comply with the requirements of ASC 842 and IFRS 16 without any hitches. Full reconciliations provide a level of transparency that will provide auditors with the comfort they need to sign off.

Risk Management

For many companies, lease accounting has a material impact on their financial statements, which means that getting it wrong can lead to a restatement of the financial statements. Using a standardised online solution means decreased operational risk and increased security for your company. With Rubli, results can be generated almost immediately with fewer errors and much more transparency and will free up expensive resources to focus on more strategic elements of their roles.


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